Training-Team building presentation and communication skills.

In the end of July the picturesque place near the Smolyan lakes is very entertaining. Here young people are trained in practical skills to express confidently in front of audience, to prepare and conduct presentations, clear communication in everyday communication. Practical and theoretical modules, interactive methods and motivational elements enable the development of young people through methods of self-assessment and receive constructive feedback. Within five full days, participants acquire knowledge about the basic elements of communication to an audience and the mechanism of their effects, the system of different types of presentations, the difference between them and recommended ways to use them. Group work and general activities create positive life experiences and inspiration for personal development and improvement of young people. Paying attention to body language and consciously applying it, to be clear and convincing in exposing their ideas to the audience, to perform short and focused presentations of projects and ideas are the main topics of the training. This is the way young people fill their summer days with smiles and cheerfulness in the first stage of their training in “Sustainable NGOs adequate youth policy”. Through this project, the association aims to help enterprising young people and youth NGOs in Smolyan region in building competencies – in the following two stages young people will be trained in application opportunities with youth projects and on youth policies.

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